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My 21 years stay in France (I lived near Paris) resulted in thousands of photos - for myself I took only black and white negatives. During this time, I created a large archive of images of Paris - which is gone. Like every modern city, it is changing, the "relics" of the past are disappearing and new structures are being built in their place. It is so "strange" that these changes occur during the life of one man. In this way, I myself have become a "relic" that remembers the city for 40 years. Now my visits are rare - but each time I get a shock - how many things have changed! I am posting photos of Paris in panoramic photography. Photos are taken on negative with panoramic camera Noblex. I use the camera as a tool with a very wide angle of view (136 degrees, the frame size is almost 2x 24x36mm) both horizontally and vertically and also obliquely etc. Finally, I can combine things in one frame that we can't see with our "eyes" at the same time. The pictures are different each time the frame was dictated by my subconscious and let it stay that way... I have enough photos in my archives to publish several albums. I am looking for someone who would be interested in collaborating with me. Is there ANYONE who would like to invest in an album? Make an advertisement for your business with an album? Or maybe a room decoration? My photos are not in any stock on the internet - they are original and unique. Maybe some of you will contact me? I look forward to hearing from you :)